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about us

Chimalgi P.U.College is a leading, established institution with focused objectives of providing high quality education. Established in 2012, the college has become a proactive institution for Pre-university education in Gulbarga.

The syllabi are complemented with many value-added, supportive programmes designed to equip the students with practical and overall knowledge in their chosen combinations. The vision of the institution is to provide need based quality education to all sections of society. Over the years, the College has evolved into one of the most proactive institutions for higher studies in Karnataka.

Our Vision

To prepare students with capacities and creativities to have new thoughts, new horizons and analytical capabilities so as to enable them to achieve the objectives of business and society.
To make them true professionals and efficient corporate managers so they become responsible corporate citizens.
To have an effective team with a zeal and enthusiasm for achieving results in the fiercely competitive world.
To imbibe the students to inculcate the qualities of human values and achieve greater heights keeping their humility intact.

Our Mission

Chimalgi College’s Mission is to provide intellectually well developed, spiritually oriented, morally upright and socially concerned citizens for India and to prepare the students to achieve all above qualities and still maintain ancient Indian cultural values.

Our Inspiration

Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati is the Goddess of learning; and the meaning of the goddess in association of all the symbols with her signifies that if a learner really understands and pursues the connotative and denotative meaning of the goddess, he or she can easily advance in acquiring knowledge. The realization of the Goddess makes the learner ready to embark on the world of knowledge and wisdom.